About us – AlgoStyle

The origin of AlgoStyle

The idea of offering good-looking and unique Algorand merch came to life already in late 2020-early 2021. As a lone redditor I caught interest in the both the fantastic blockchain technology as well as the wonderful community itself. Although that’s when I realized that Algorand would need every helping hand it could get promoting the blockchain and brand. Thus I set out on the mission to find clever ways to spread awareness. With the help of a close designer friend of mine we started working on the AlgoStyle merch. Since the Japanese culture has always been special to me, and as I’ve studied the language prior, it only felt natural to incorporate this flavor into our designs as well.

Our purpose

While AlgoStyle is not a non-profit organization we’re still trying to keep prices relatively low and thus margins are slim. This is for the benefit of the community – the more of us algoneers who wear Algorand clothing, the wider awareness about Algorand becomes. This also requires both fabric and print to be of solid quality as anything else wouldn’t represent Algorand fairly.

Contact and support

Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] if you have any questions or suggestions about AlgoStyle or concerning our products. I profoundly care about this projects success, however please note that I also attend full-time work outside of running AlgoStyle, and sometimes it can take up to a week before I can answer any questions unless it’s urgent.

Fun fact – The blue colored text in the logo spells out “AlgoStyle” in katakana (one of the 3 Japanese alphabets), although it’s correctly pronounced as “AroguSutairu”. Same goes for Algorand in katakana on our merch i.e. “Arugorando”.